Why Mark Driscoll should never have Resigned

I just finished reading the post on Church Leaders regarding Pastor Mark Driscoll resigning his role and stepping down from Mars Hill Church.

This is just another example of The Church covering it’s backside by crucifying its leaders. How sad. Mark led, that’s what leaders do. If the people and staff in the #MarsHill church didn’t like his style of leadership, or attitude, they could have voted with their feet and left. Instead, yet again, they chose a passive aggressive approach that reinforces The Church’s irrelevant, weak, and hypocritical PR message to the watching world.article_images-driscoll_step_down642x428_902300769

I disagree with Marks leadership style, his dogmatic thinking, and much of his theology. I don’t think that Mark and I would ever be friends. However, I would stand with him any day, in any setting for the fact that the church he built has sold him down the river inappropriately, and without cause. For that, we share common scars. When fear infects people, instead of faith — all involved lose, the fallout is great.

Mark should not have resigned. However, it is unfortunately the only way he and his family could possibly move on in order to with living out the gifts, calling, and passion God gave them. The Church in America is way to well known for eating it’s own and crucifying it’s leaders when their humanity shows up.

It’s time we speak up and discontinue the gospel of punishment happening in our Church culture. This will take courage, and much grace to enter into conversations that are well known for being uncomfortable. If you want to make a positive contribution to disrupting this all-to-common status quo, join my friends and I here.


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