The Gospel of Punishment by Travis Waits

Check out the comments this post is generating… “The Gospel of punishment” … thoughtful and challenging dialogue in how we will apply what we say we believe…

Travis Waits

In our culture of church leadership today there is significant focus on “preaching the Gospel.” To be clear, this was the original mission that Jesus gave the church (see Mtt. 28:16ff). The challenge is that leaders within the confines of American churchianity have lost the application of what this means.

What is missing from this preaching, is the pragmatic applyingof the Gospel.

I have written explicitly about how God’s grace violates man’s sense of justice. No where does this show up more clear, than in the application of the Gospel when leaders experience the need for restoration.

As Pastor Danny Silk says, punishment within the church is a condition of “humanity trying to reach heaven” rather than believers attempting to bring Heaven to earth. He states:

“The real difference is vitally important; it is not in their sin, but in what they did afterwards. It is repentance… But know…

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