Raw interview with former therapist, Pastor Travis Waits on Authenticity and Ethics

For many leaders who are accused of ethical allegations of the worst kind, even if false, experience irreparable damage to their reputations, families, business, relationships, and leadership. Travis Waits has done the hard and courageous task of leveraging this negative experience, to help fellow leaders develop their character to greater depth and authenticity. It has been a trial by fire for sure. Starting over, in any career is a challenge. Travis Waits models true authenticity, courage, and, as a grace filled truth teller, is disrupting the status quo of leadership to be more effective.

In this uncut video interview with Robert Ricciardelli, thought leader and founder of The Converging Zone, Travis Waits describes his process, tenacity, and passion to empower leaders to live in alignment with who they are in their core.


Travis Waits is a former licensed therapist and professional counselor in the state of Oregon. He chose to resign his licensed therapist and licensed counselor credential’s in Oregon after false unethical allegations were made regarding his conduct with clients. He went through over a 18 month process in an attempt to clear his name, uphold his family’s dignity, as well as maintain his business. These false allegations were promoted by the very church leaders seeking to “restore” him, in the community where Travis Waits had also served as a pastor for over four years before becoming a therapist.

Unfortunately, continual liable, gossip, and slander sanctioned by church leaders, fueled the court of public opinion negatively with misperception so much so, that it was impossible to have any sort of due process with the state licensing investigating board, nor with recovering his community standing. Travis Waits was never interviewed by board investigators, and his former church closed it’s doors by expelling Travis and his family from their midst. He closed his business, sold their home, and moved his family out of state for a fresh start to rebuild a life full of real restoration and redemption.


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