Vulnerability is a key ingredient missing in leadership ethics by Travis Waits

Leadership ethics speaks to the reflection of your character, morals, & integrity to the world. There is a ton of chatter lately about not only integrating sound ethical practice into your leadership, but also defining what actually makes up a base standard to live by.

May I propose that any ethical framework is actually ineffective…unless it comes from within the leader & is reflected through, vulnerability. (This is a topic I have spoken much about, see some of my posts here).

Vulnerability  is not just transparency and authenticity. It is the ultimate act of differentiation however, because it is ‘being seen’ by others as your true self. If you are going through the act of ethics, but it’s really not coming from within – then you are only modifying behavior & that doesn’t last long. You are making your ethics irrelevant.

You cannot give what you don’t possess.

I suggest that the risk, cost, & courage required to be vulnerable is necessary in order to have a complete leadership ethic. And, is especially needed today! If the leaders outside does not match their inside…their influence will be stunted, & toxic.


Please contact me today to deepen the impact you make as a leader, and develop a more effective leadership ethic that is authentic and vulnerable.


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