As a leader, what are you known for

God’s grace violates man’s sense of justice. It’s not fair and is not equitable, there is no parity with it. Are you a leader that influences the application of grace so that redemption, restoration, hope, encouragement are qualities that you’re known for?

Or are you a leader that talks about grace but does not apply it for fear that things will be too messy?

Your words will not show the difference here, only your actions. If you try to re-language the definitions of restoration, reconciliation, forgiveness, then chances are you are not applying grace as truly defined, and evidenced by Jesus in the Bible. I know you likely have plenty of reasons to justify your position, but let me ask you, is it worth it?

I think I would much rather associate with those leaders who are un-afraid to get messy, to mix it up, to take Jesus at face value and apply radical grace that contradicts, no actually, grace that offends our sensibilities because it is supernatural. Those that have been forgiven much, love much…

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