Time to stand

Leaders empower, the don’t differ. Leaders are assertive, neither passive, nor aggressive. They see what need’s to be done, and they take the hill without compromising their vision. The ingrain in their organization’s culture an environment of authenticity, humility, and courage.

I don’t need your approval, just like I don’t need your judgments. When you try to impose your advice, your script, your legalism, your standard…I resent you. Control has many forms. Many with good intentions, both inside and outside the church, wield the shield of control of others so that they protect themselves. It is so much easier to see other peoples sin and not our own.

Every one of us comes to a crossroads, a defining moment in their life. If we are truly free in Christ then why do we need the opinion of men to validate us? For far too long I have tried the magic formula prescribed by leaders I looked up to, boards, church leadership, or self-righteous zealots using everyone else’s measuring stick for what was success.

No more.

It’s my life. You can contribute to it in an encouraging way, and we will have a constructive, accountable relationship built on trust and comradere. If all you want to do is criticize, critique, condemn, govern, please hear me, in as respectful a tone as I can muster…No thank you.

How about you worry about you, I’ll worry about me. I have the Holy Spirit, who is in charge of my conscience to correct me when I misstep and train me to live a victorious life. I would love your help, but will only accept it if it’s on level footing. Anytime their is power over, when the playing field is not level, someone always losses because none of us can remain objective. That’s the blessing, and the curse, of the human condition.

I preached a message a number of years ago at a men’s retreat called, titled “Standing Firm.” I have differed so much to others in the past during my early  years as a leader, in hopes of measuring up to their approval. So much so that I forgot the principles of that message which were Truth for me then.

No more backing down. No more waiting. No more asking permission. If we disagree, that’s fine, you go your way, I’ll go mine.