Why fear controls the church

I always wondered why people in leadership positions of churches we so guarded. They always seemed to have their armor own. Typically this unsettled feeling of anesthetic, overly careful, political in the sense of not rocking the boat. Early on in my leadership career I was incredibly frustrated with these old guys in church leadership that I experienced continually squelching, restricting my passion, or telling me my zeal wasn’t tempered with “experience.”

The more I worked in the corporate church setting the duller I could feel myself becoming. To survive in that system you either had to become a ‘yes man’, or fly under the radar with activities, people, programs that were frankly, boringly safe. I understand now why so many refer to the church as the ‘frozen chosen’. Spiritual platitudes aside, what happened to the real people that wanted to make an impact in the world?

I made a choice to follow Jesus because I wanted a radical life. I followed the church formula to learn all the right stuff, understand all the history, and navigate the religious systems…

You know what, it didn’t work.

Actually it did the opposite. It made me become less radical, more fearful, more worried, shackled really. Legalism does not work to because eventually you tire out of following a ‘magic formula’ where the benchmark of success continually get’s moved. The church is full of false promises.

The Bible, however, is not. It’s just that church people are too fearful to actually implement and practice wholeheartedly the very Gospel they preach. So they wordsmith it so they don’t color outside their lines. No wonder the church is irrelevant in our culture today.

At some point you come to a crossroads  where you must choose if you are going to grow, risk, be yourself, or if you are just going to be a sheep and follow the status quo. To many church leaders have chosen to remain comfortable, have endless meetings about themselves, tickling their own ears so that they keep their budgets safe. Committee and consensus are not leadership.