Real leaders pick a side

I thought about titling this post “why restoration was bad for business: a corporate church prospectus” but I thought I would offend some of my evangelical friends. Actually, I don’t have that many evangelical friends anymore…so that’s ok!

I spent a half the day with a fellow leader, a friend of mine, who experienced a “moral failure,” which led to his ‘removal’ from leadership at his corporate church. It also led to his family being ostracized, upheaved from their home, and disgraced in community. Not because of my friend. Nope, all those consequences were handed to him by his fellow leaders of his corporate church as part of his “restoration process.”

I am so tired of hearing about people, sorry let me clarify that, church people helping leaders live with integrity, when they can’t even apply the Gospel they claim to preach, and live that in a wholehearted way themselves.

Feel free, send your negative feedback, judgment, print another news article to try and assassinate my character because you disagree. I do not care. While you sit on the sidelines of actually making an impact with your life, stewing in your own resentment, bitterness…hypocrisy…keep watching anonymously as a concerned citizen…I’m sure that will work out for you eventually.

I have watched and experienced God transforming my life, my family, my leadership style to a place of Wholeness…all through real grace that unfortunately, lacks appears all too common for the corporate church in America. As a former pastor, (yes the title got removed by my restoration team as well…) I’ve had the privilege of  sheep becoming wolves and not only attacking me, but my family, my business, my relationships, and my future. None of it was fun, I’m grateful the hard days are behind me, and incredibly thankful that real grace, real restoration, real reconciliation is what God is about, even when “His people” miss the boat.

God’s grace always violates mans sense of justice.

There are many within the church that have a profound desire to define people by their worst day. Funny, Jesus is recorded to have hung out with people on their worst day, actually stand between them and the religious of the day (if you missed that sunday school story see the ‘woman caught in adultery’…).


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