Relational accountability

Accountability is one of those words that often strikes feel, guilt, or shame into the hearts of those who hear it. That is because historically, accountability has been applied in a legalistic, did you follow the rules today way. This form of accountability is punitive, judgmental, and void of grace – you either did the right thing or you didn’t.

Real leaders practice accountability that is relational. Meaning that they are able to separate the person, from the action. This means that there is allowance for mistakes, failures, all without the shock or surprise. We’re all human, and on our best day we will not be perfect.

Authenticity coach Travis Waits empowers professionals to practice relational accountability. They are more successful and more aligned with their personal mission as a result, in every area of their lives. This is because they have learned the skills of vulnerability, with courage to be authentic, so that they never walk alone in this life. Their ‘Band of Brothers’ or ‘Ya-Ya Sisterhood’ stands with them…on the good days, and especially on the bad ones!

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