“Called to disturb and disrupt the status quo of leaders…”

Travis Waits is an authenticity trainer, coach, pastor, father, and husband. He empowers leaders to maximize their impact by aligning who they are in their core values. He is known by his clients for his inspiring courage, tenacity, and grace. Through his tactical training, leaders become more effective in their professional and personal lives as they eliminate compartments and get focused to fulfill their magnitude of mission. He works locally with leaders in the Colorado area as well as virtually delivering online trainingand coaching to clients all over the world.

For many leaders who are accused of unethical allegations, even if false; – they experience irreparable damage to their reputations, families, business, relationships, and leadership. Travis Waits has done the hard and courageous task of leveraging this negative experience, to help fellow leaders develop their character to greater depth and authenticity. It has been a trial by fire for sure. Starting over, in any career is a challenge. Travis Waits models true authenticity, courage, and, as a grace filled truth teller, is disrupting the status quo of leadership to be more effective.